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The Mission

Menopause is not a standalone time in a person’s life. Menopause is not a condition or process that sits in its own physiological bubble that may only affect a few.

Menopause is not optional. Menstruation starts. Menstruation stops.
In that respect, menopause is not complicated. However the bigger picture of this well known fact of our human biology is yet to be given the full consideration it deserves.

In addition, whilst the mechanics of menopause has not changed, the life we live has. How we facilitate the learning of the physiology to take into account life in the 21st century and the mechanism for delivering appropriate menopause care, needs to evolve.

Menstrual Health, a fundamental part of our biology and the mother of all creation (quite literally), continues to be a second class citizen in the eyes of educational establishments the world over. This project aims to change that perception.

Every human assigned female at birth will experience a menstrual health event of some kind. At any one time this represents a quarter of the world’s population. The other quarter will be about to, or have, encountered menstruation.

Our aim is to create a global collective of menstrual health educators & mentors who will enable and empower others with the relevant and menaingful knowledge needed to make an informed choice on hormone health, from womb to tomb. 

To make a lasting change with a view to closing the health & education gap, we need to view Menstrual Health with a lifetime lens, joining the dots between periods and postmenopause.

Fiona Catchpowle

Creator & Founder of The Menopause School. A Menstrual Health Evangelist and Passionate Educator

Why don’t we talk about menopause?

…because we don’t talk about menstruation.

And we don’t talk about menstruation because no one taught us how too.

To make a lasting change we need to start the story of menopausing at the beginning, with menstrual health. Menopause doesn’t just happen. The hormones involved in menstruation are the same ones as menopausing. 

If you want to deliver any kind of guidance & support to others you need to be sure the knowledge you have doesn’t short change your clients and joins the dots between puberty and postmenopause.

It’s time the Modern Menopause had a different dialogue.

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