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Menstruation and menopause are terms discussed widely, but rarely in context to the individual as a whole. What are the full term health implications of menstruation to menopause, and beyond?

On this eLearning course from the Menopause School, you will explore what it means to view menstrual health as the 5th vital sign and how healthy ageing is directly related to healthy menopausing. The course will also demonstrate the leading evidence-based information for supporting menopause transition.

What topics will you cover?

  • Module 1 provides foundation knowledge on  hormone basics, menstruation and the hormone collective. We introduce the concept of a Hormone Highway as the framework from which we will then explore both hormonal ageing and reproductive ageing in relevant and meaningful terms to the modern menopause.
  • BONUS: now includes the entire audio series by Talking Periods – Menstrual Health Made Easy
  • Module 2 looks at menopause in-depth, including what it is (and is not) as well as highlighting commonly held myths and misdirection around menopause.
  • Module 3 discusses the different approaches to managing menopause transition. It explores how HRT can be delivered and the types of difficulties if can help. We also present the benefits of a whole person approach to the menopause experience.
  • Module 4 focuses on the bigger picture, the menopause tool-kit and the positive role it can have on menopause well-being and long term disability-free living.


When would you like to start?

  • Available today, on demand, with 12 months online access.


The style of learning:

  • Modular content, locked sequentially.
  • Class notes and videos, designed to fit different learning styles, so you can go at your own pace.
  • Quiz after each lesson: 100% pass rate required to unlock the next module.
  • Comprehensive manual available for download.


Who will you learn with?

  • – Fiona Catchpowle: CEO of The Menopause School, Educator, BMS Affiliate


What will you achieve?

  • Advanced Certification from The Menopause School & The CPDUK accreditation service
  • You will graduate as a Menopause Doula on completion of ALL modules and quizzes, plus a final submission of case-studies for discussion with a mentor.


What happens next?

  • After purchasing you will have instant access to the course
  • Shortly after purchase you will receive an email confirming your registration and instructions on how to access the content
  • If you have any technical difficulties please email:
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