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Menstruation to Menopause Gateway

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About Course

Menstruation and menopause are terms discussed widely, but rarely in context to the individual as a whole. What are the full term health implications of menstruation to menopause, and beyond?

Within these easily accessible e-Learning courses created by The Menopause School, you will be able to:

  • explore what it means to view menstrual well-being markers and hormonal decline in terms of overall health
  • review the importance of healthy ageing and how it is directly related to healthy ‘menopausing’.

The Menopause School have created a simplified system, which will provide the opportunity for a right person, right place, right time approach leading to effective, valuable, quality care from Menstruation to Menopause.

What topics will you cover?

  • Foundation knowledge on hormone basics, menstruation and the hormone collective.
  • We introduce the concept of a Hormone Highway as the framework from which we will then explore both hormonal ageing and reproductive ageing in relevant and meaningful terms to the modern menopause.
  • Menopause in-depth, including what it is (and is not) as well as highlighting commonly held myths and misdirection around menopause.
  • We discuss the different approaches to managing menopause transition. It explores how HRT can be delivered and the types of difficulties it can help. We also present the benefits of a whole person approach to the menopause experience.
  • Additional advanced modules focus on the bigger picture, the menopause tool-kit and the positive role it can have on menopause well-being and long term disability-free living.



Terms of Reference

In order to include everyone in the conversation around menstruation and menopause we are mindful that not all menstruators are women, and not every woman menstruates. Therefore we will be using the words menstruator or people who menstruate interchangeably when referring to those assigned female at birth.

The word co-menstruator is used to describe a person who has never experienced a menstrual cycle. The terms male and female will be used in reference to anatomy & physiology to explain the biology of menstruation to menopause.

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