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a vision of care

A Menopause Health & Wellness

Training Course

Become a Menopause Doula. A fresh approach to menopause care that compliments and reaches out beyond traditional settings. 

an innovative approach

The Vision

We have a vision of care for the modern menopause, supported by a diverse community of Menopause aware individuals, where knowledge and understanding of the Hormone Highway is easy to access for ALL.

Hormone shifts can have a huge impact on physical and mental health during the reproductive years. With a historical lack of education on the topics of menstruation to menopause how can anyone make an informed choice?

Our Menopause Doula Level Course provide an opportunity to change the future of menopause care through knowledge and support.

Integrated & Practical

Relevant and meaningful content to enable solution focused outcomes.

Guidance & Support

A straightforward and effective system, which provides core principles and the opportunity for expanded learning.


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